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Your Money Matters Monday

Your Money Matters Monday

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The Ideal Retirement
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Ideal Retirement Workshop

It’s Not What You Make…It’s What You Keep!

Sometimes you make choices in life; Sometimes the choices make you

Learn 100 years of stock market cycles and where we are today
See why 90% of investment success is avoiding large losses
Determining “the right amount” of income that you cannot outlive
Building a family legacy by creating The Perfect Estate Plan”
10 things you MUST DEMAND from every financial professional
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Our Definition of Financial Success

1. Making the most efficient and effective decisions possible.
2. Being insulated and protected from things that can cause financial ruin.
3. The ability to spend and enjoy your money without the fear of running out.
4. Leaving an everlasting legacy for your family and generations to come.

Doesn’t a Second Opinion Make Sense?

At Your Money Matters, we hold ourselves accountable to two very important principles – which we believe you should demand from any financial services professional:

If we can’t show that our recommendations will help improve your financial future, you should not do business with us.

90% of our job in managing your hard-earned money is avoiding large losses.

When it comes to important financial decisions, most people agree it makes sense to seek a professional second opinion. Our company has made this easy because there are no costs or fees for any of our meetings and time together.

So whether you have an existing Financial or Retirement Advisor, or whether you manage your finances on your own, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our offer for a second opinion.

For Over 25 Years We’ve Used This Simple 3-Step Process:

  1. Review What You Have – Help you understand the complete details of exactly what you are doing today.
  2. Explain Your Options – Take the time necessary to fully educate you on all other options you may have.
  3. Offer Recommendations – Provide you with our recommendations for improvement.
What are Our Fees?

There are no costs or fees for our complimentary consultations, regardless of the amount of time or number of meetings.*

How Many Meetings?

We usually accomplish everything in two meetings. Our first meeting is simply getting to know each other. Our second meeting includes reviewing your current details, discussing any other options that make sense, and providing our recommendations.

How Long is Each Meeting?

Each meeting lasts approximately one hour.

What is Required on Your Part?

Your only requirement for a complimentary review is time, and we are fully confident this will be time well-spent.

What Happens Next?

You take things home and think about it. So don’t plan on bringing your checkbook, making any decisions, or signing any paperwork. Your next step is reviewing what we recommend and proving and verifying their accuracy.

You Choose Among Three Options:

1. All of our recommendations. 2. Some of our recommendations. 3. None of our recommendations.

Request A Second Opinion

We Help Coordinate, Integrate, and Improve Your Entire Financial Life

If you are like most people, you probably have a “junk drawer” in your kitchen.
We have found many people also have a “financial junk drawer“.

In other words, you have a lot of different financial products, policies, and documents…
most of which were purchased or created at various times in your life.

Our job is to help you better organize, understand, and improve your entire financial life.

It’s Not What You Make, But What You Keep…

When it comes to wealth management, most people view the primary role of an investment professional is to invest and grow your money. Although we understand growing your money is extremely important, we also believe that 90% of our job is helping you avoid large losses.