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Your Money Matters Social Security Benefits Report

Social Security Quiz: How to Maximize Your Benefits

Social Security has a lot of moving parts and many important tax considerations and consequences. In this report I share a quiz from Mass Mutual containing 10 questions regarding social security benefits. Shockingly, only 28% of Americans received a grade of 60% or higher on these basic social security questions. Out of 1,500 participants, only 1 person answered all 10 questions correctly.

Protecting Your Nest Egg Is Equally If Not More Important Than Growing It

Protection from unexpected events that could cause financial ruin is just as important, if not more important, than growing wealth. The harsh reality is that you can spend a lifetime doing a great job accumulating wealth, or achieving what you believe to be a superior rate of return. However, should there be an unexpected event that was not planned in advance, you can lose a lifetime of hard-earned money. In this report I'll cover the key areas you need to cover to protect your nest egg.

Your Money Matters Term vs Whole Life Report

Term vs Whole Life Insurance… Should You Rent If You Can Own?

Life insurance can be very complicated and easily misunderstood. I have found the simplest way to review the main differences between term coverage versus whole life insurance is by using a four-step side-by-side comparison. In this guide I examine the 4 components of each and then answer the 52 million dollar question, which is, “How should you decide which is right for your personal situation?”

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