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The Ideal Retirement Webinar

Sometimes you make choices in life; sometimes the choices make you

  • Learn 100 years of stock market cycles and where we are today
  • See why 90% of investment success is avoiding large losses
  • Keys to building a family legacy and The Perfect Estate Plan
  • Determining “the right amount” of income that never runs out
  • 10 things you MUST DEMAND from every financial professional
The Ideal Retirement Workshop

It’s Not What You Make…

It’s What You Keep

Necessary Conversations Workshop

Necessary Conversations Workshop

Plan For Today… Prepare For Eternity

  • Easy-to-Understand Differences Between a Last Will and Living Trust
  • Three Things You Absolutely Must Know About Life Insurance
  • The Quickest and Easiest Way to Create Your End of Life Plans and Preferences

Do You Have Questions? Need Advice or Guidance?

Talk with Chris about anything and everything financial - wealth management, retirement planning, social security, annuities, bonds, Roth IRA's, asset and lawsuit protection, insurance, estate and legacy planning, college planning, end of life planning, taxes, ...

There is no cost or obligation for the first or second consultation*. All information is secure and confidential.

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